Welcome to Tyneside American Car Club

The Club started life back in 1995, and although small, we are still going strong 19 years later.

Over the years we have met in various locations, we meet once a month (see our Events page for more information) – earlier if you would like to have your tea before we start the meeting.

We hold meetings from April to November and although we have a Committee, every Full Member of the Club who attends the meetings has a say in how the Club progresses. We also hold two social events each year, a BBQ to celebrate American Independence Day, as close as we can to 4th July, and a traditional American styled meal, to celebrate Thanksgiving, towards the end of November.

Many of our members attend various Classic and American Car Shows throughout the summer, as well as some of the monthly cruises which take place around the area. If you attend one of the many Classic Car Shows in the North East you will more than likely bump into at least one member of Tyneside American!!!

So if you are interested in American Cars, whether classic or new, and you would like to be a member of Tyneside American, please view the Membership page to download a Membership Application Form.

You can now follow us on Facebook.